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Health Care Advocates International™ (HCAI™) was founded by Dr. Gary Blick to provide quality, state-of- the-art, caring, compassionate and comprehensive preventative primary and specialty healthcare. Dr. Blick, celebrating 30 years in the medical profession providing his own state-of- the-art, personalized medical care for the lesbian, men who have sex with men, and transgender communities, as well as for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and chronic hepatitis B and C infection, continues to provide his unique quality-of- care at HCAI™. Only at HCAI™ can you receive his special brand of medical care and treatment. At HCAI™, you will build a special relationship, tailored to your unique needs, with Dr. Blick’s experienced and compassionate staff composed of clinical and support staff.

If you are searching for:

Please make an appointment and come meet our highly professional, empathetic staff who are bilingual and fluent in Spanish and who will make you feel comfortable and at home in our unique, warm, caring offices.

At HCAI, we offer a team approach to all of your medical needs. You will meet Dr. Blick and other members of his team to address all of your medical needs. We work directly with our partners to meet all of your needs, including:

We can also assist you with obtaining insurance, applying for CADAP or NY ADAP/ADAP Plus, CT Insurance Premium Assistance (CIPA), copay assistance for medications, making and keeping your appointments.

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