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Dr. Gary Blick has been providing medical care and treatment to our LGBTQ community for 30 years. If you go anywhere else BUT Health Care Advocates International, you will not be getting Dr. Blick’s unique brand and style of caring, compassionate and sensitive care. Being a gay doctor, Dr. Blick understands and is empathetic to the unique needs of our community, and only at HCAI will you experience and receive his expertise in a safe, supportive, comfortable, and compassionate medical setting designed to prevent stigma & discrimination. Dr. Blick and HCAI partner with Mid-Fairfield AIDS Project (MFAP, www.mfap.com) and Triangle Community Center (TCC, www. ctgay.org) in meeting the needs of and empowering our LGBTQ community in our mutual goals of fighting LGBTQ and HIV stigma & discrimination.

Dr. Blick has provided a unique environment at HCAI that emphasizes:

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