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Frank S

From the moment I entered the practice I felt welcomed. The facility is in a very nice setting and the staff knows exactly what they are doing. All my questions and concerns were addressed with genuine care and concern. I honestly feel at home, I'd refer anyone.

Ken B

I am so thankful I switched primary care doctors to this office. Not only are they extremely thorough in general, but they figured out I was over medicated and on the wrong medications. They gave me back quality of life.

The whole staff is beyond amazing and accommodating. They took the stress out of going to the doctor.

Keith S

The staff here is so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Charles P

I contacted Health Care Advocates with an urgent situation. They saw me the following day and were friendly and thorough. I felt safe, secure and comfortable in there hands. I would recommend them highly to anyone with health issues.

David S

Dr. Gary Blick and his team are incredible. Gary has been my doctor for over 18 years. His expertise and skills go unmatched. He and his team listen and care about each patience’s needs. The teams bedside manner is excellent. Every visit has been incredible, from the warm welcome at check-in to medical visit; it is evident that each member of the team makes one feel welcome and part of a surrogate family. Making an appointment and wait time is done with ease. Healthcare Advocates should be used a model for many medical environments.


Dr. Blick is the most intelligent, caring, thorough Physician. He is up to date on all the latest medical news. I have been a patient over 20 years and cannot begin to tell of the best experiences. I highly recommend him abs his medical staff.

Dan P

I've been a patient of Dr Blick's for 23 years. Yes, Gary is an HIV specialist but most important he is very broad in his knowledge and connection to all the other medical disciplines. His interactions with my other specialists has been invaluable. If you are HIV positive you need an advocate that can address all aspects of your health and well being, not just your HIV issues. Dr Blicks dedication and caring nature are your most valuable asset.

Juan P

Attentive staff and clean environment. Dr. Blick is a good listener and easily approachable. I love the fact that the practice has a welcoming family.

Bruce B

I have been a patient of Dr. Blick for over a decade. He is always professional and willing to spend as much time as possible with you to explain any issues of concern you may have. He surrounds his practice with qualified and educated people who make you feel comfortable as soon as you enter his offices.

Christine F

I love Gary ,he is compassionate and intelligent, he's someone who truly is a great humanitarian. He has been my doctor for at least 30 years.Where ever he goes,I follow him. I read some other reviews snd I believe it is a witch hunt to discredit his reputation. People are mean,please ignore this nonsense.

Alex G

Warm friendly practice with personal care. Expert health care doesn’t have to be cold and clinical, and HCAILLC is living proof.

Scott P

Warm and supportive environment, world class care.


Dr. Blick and the healthcare team are outstanding. I have been a patient of Dr Blick for 20 years. This doctors commitment to comprehensive care is unmatched. In early years of practice one would wait longer than one would like to see the Doctor, but as your appointment began you knew why. during your time with the doctor, you were the only focus, and Dr. Blick had a complete understanding of your medical history, the appointment was always beneficial.

In today's healthcare system all too often patients are subjected to a checklist of tests and procedures that seem designed to primarily document rather than diagnose.

At Heath Care Advocates , Dr Blick provides state of the art care, designed to heal and care for you. you are not a number or a chart, you matter, your well being is the utmost concern.

If you are looking for a doctor who you can trust, who can help , and improve your heath, and your healthcare, contact Dr Blick and his team. I did, and it saved my life. not much more I can say than that.

Tommy R

I've been going to Dr Blick for over 8 years and owe my life and my good health to his dedication to medicine.

Kent B

5 Stars

Michael H

I have been seeing Dr Gary Blick since 1991,I think right off that tells you how much I trust in his care ,no matter how busy he is he never makes you feel rushed he always takes his time and makes you feel like your his only patient ,he is on the forefront of hiv care and devotes alot of himself to caring for people in 3rd world countries that need his expertise ,the staff is always kind and friendly and make you feel like family ,I can't say enough good things about health care advocates the best group of drs nurses and staff !!! 5 stars !!!

Jed L

Words cannot express the care and compassion I have had with Gary in every respect for 15 years now. He has in so many ways saved my life and so many others. I am so happy he is here and on such an amazing upward path for all of us.

Nick M

Amazing Medical Facility with deep knowledge of the bodies inner workings. Ultimately, Piecing the health puzzle together and solving problematic life hindering symptoms. Dr. Blick is incredibly researched and will find the answers. The Staff is welcoming and professional making the patient feel at ease. I’m happy i found HCAI

Greg W

Most wonderful, personal attention, very thorough healthcare staff ever. Dr. Blick and his staff are absolutely the best!

Daniel C

Best health care in CT.

Tom W

Everything! Quality comprehensive healthcare consisting of genuine compassion and knowledge. A chance to volunteer or contribute thereby providing patients and families opportunities to be engaged in their own communities.

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