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Dr. Gary Blick founded HCAI™ in 2016 with the same vision he had for his prior medical ventures, Southern New England Community Consortium, Blick Medical Associates, CIRCLE Medical LLC, and World Health Clinicians/CIRCLE CARE Center. Dr. Blick envisions and emphatically believes that all people and patients should be treated equally, with the same compassion, concern, empathy, and comprehensive preventative approach as anyone in the world. Having personally confronted the stigma and discrimination that not only HIV patients but also HIV providers like himself experienced and continue to combat today, Dr. Blick brings to practice a very unique understanding and empathy for what it feels like to be marginalized, vulnerable and disenfranchised.

His life has been full of life-changing, humbling experiences, from having lost his first partner of 16 ½ years to long-term complications from HIV/AIDS; to having provided quality care to over 8600 Zimbabwean orphans/vulnerable children, adolescents and adults with HIV in partnership with the incredible Zimbabwe Ministry of Health of Child Care; to becoming the proud godfather to his Zimbabwean 15-year old HIV-negative godson born following sending HIV medications to his HIV-positive parents since 2001; to losing all but two of his gay male friends from the 1980’s to HIV/AIDS; to providing quality care to over 3500+ people living with HIV over this 30 year career; to opening a state-of- the-art HIV treatment facility in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe specifically for and owned by the Zimbabwean people; to facing near financial destitution for caring for HIV patient only to be “rescued” by his Guardian Angel; to cherishing the opportunity to continue working in his new venture at HCAI™ with his 95-year- old mother, Gloria; to, most recently, being fired from the non-profit he founded in 2010 following five major surgeries from August 2014 to August 2016 but getting his life back following over 10 years of worsening pain from severe, genetic spinal stenosis. Dr. Blick is extremely grateful to all of his 3500+ US and 8600+ Zimbabwean patients who have taught him the meaning of being a humanitarian and a compassionate provider and have given him the desire, motivation, and hunger to continue his work in ending HIV stigma; discrimination, as well as the global HIV threat.

HCAI™ was founded by Dr. Blick with all of the love, affection, adoration and respect he has for all of those who have brought him to this point in his life. Come visit and experience HCAI™ and meet everyone with whom he has surrounded himself and who share his vision, mission, and compassion for life.

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